Thanks in advance to all customers who will send more pictures for this section.
Contax Planar on Nikon

Hi David,

I'm glad you made that kit.  The Zeiss lens is so much better wide open at 1.7 than the Nikon prime lens, it's going to really helps me with low light aerial work. I also have a 1.4 Contax, but I always felt the 1.7 was slightly better overall, that's why I put the first kit on it.  The other two I ordered are going on a 85mm f2.8 and 200mm f4.

John from the USA

Hello David,

I received the Contax lens two days ago, the lens works perfectly many thanks to your professional service.
I attache some pictures taken with this Leitax mount to show how good this Contax to Nikon lens mount replacement is.

Nhan from the USA

Hallo David.
The surgery on the lens was easy, only some little problems with the tenderness of the original screws. 
I'll send you the pictures.
Best regards e GRAZIE!

Emanuele from Italy

I have now converted a 28mm and 85mm contax lens with no problem.  Both lenses work in my D300 and D700 without any issues.  The Contax prime lenses are especially good at wide apertures and low light.

I also loaded 3 photos from the 85mm on the D300

John for the USA

Hello David,

Thanks for an excellent product with faultless instructions.

Within an hour I had the lens on the camera despite the fiddle of the small lever being of the ‘melted in’ not the screwed in type.

Thanks again,

Dave from the 
United Kingdom


Just completed the conversion of the Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/85 Contax mount to Nikon mount. I had to fiddle a bit with the plastic melted lever that had to come out, but completed it all within 30 mins. It is just great that these fine legacy lenses get a second chance on digital, and they really shine. Great job and many thanks.

Jaap from the Netherlands

Hi David,

First of all, thank you for your wonderful Leitax mount.  As you can see, my 'sleeper' distagon 28mm is now given a new life with your mount.  

One thing that I should mention is that Dandelion chip did not work with my copy of Disgtagon 28mm, not because the chip was faulty or anything, but because it conflicted with the back of the lens barrel. Please see the picture. Chip did not clear the barrel, so I could not move the focus ring.    I could shave off the barrel to allow for the barrrel to move through, and I started preping for it. However, at the last moment, I changed my mind and removed the chip from the mount.  So, there is no EVIF, but I am okay with it.  Besides that little trouble, Distagon 28 has not caused any mirror jam on my D700 as you predicted.    
With D700, it seems that focus assist indicator is also pretty accurately working, so it is working pretty well.   This lens is so light that I can see it will be used quite often.

I am now thinking about converting the 50mm f1.4 planar. 

Thank you again !

Luka from the USA

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