I would like to thank all the compliments and encouraging words I've been
receiving from my clients in the short time we are in business, specially
to those who found a moment to take a picture of their camera and sent it to me.
Leitax with auto-aperture simulation
Thanks to Olaf for this first feedback of the new Leitax mount with auto-aperture simulation:

Hi David,

Today, all installed. works brilliant. You did nice piece of mechanical engineering. Indeed, the grease need to be good cleaned, otherwise the auto aperture mech will not work smoothly. 
See below some first test picture, comparing a Nikon (standard zoom) with the Leica (standard) zoom. What a difference :-)

So thanks for your excellent service,

I am now looking for the next lens candidate to transform :-)


Olaf from  the Netherlands 
Nikon D600/Leica 105-280 I got the Adapter for my 105-280mm and it fitted absolutely perfect.
You're really did a great Job!
What a magnificent lens!

Best regards from Munich

Leica Store München

D3x "The Leica 180/2.8 APO-Elmarit-R shows what is possible, with performance wide open that barely improves by stopping down. It’s a lens that will perform on 40-60 megapixel cameras with grace,
The sample tested here was tested using the Leitax converter; conversion takes about 10 minutes with a screwdriver—very easy."

DIGLLOYD Digital Photography BLOG
Ydo Hello David.

It took me about 15min to convert my Elmarit 28mm (new version)
I've used the 28mm Elmarit on the Canon 1ds Mk3
and all I can say its simply amazing how clear and CA free these Images are.
On the D3 and D3x it does not hit the mirror at any distance, the one I have is/was a 3cam.

Ydo from Germany
Hi David,

I wanted to say thanks for the adapter I purchased a few months ago, it is only of late I am finding more and more joy in using the lens and have overwhelmed by the summicron when filming. Your work is greatly appreciated in creating such amazing tools for us to use.

The video linked is filmed all with a d300s and a 35mm summicron on the leitax adapter.

Steven from the UK
Telyt Hi David

I installed the conversion flange that you sent on my Leica 560mm f/6.8 Telyt and it works great.
The flange is very well made and impeccably finished, fully worth of a Leica lens.
Keep up the good work!

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento


Summicron 180/2


I got your bajonets today, they are of much better quality than the hong-kong bajonet I had previously. Exchange of the bajonet for the 90 AA was not problem. It looks also that the picture quality is improved.

Here is a photo oft he D3x with the 180/2.0 apo. A really heavy combination.

Stephan from Switzerland
"Hi David

I recieved the Leitax bayonet a while ago and finally got the time to
convert my 280/2.8 following your guidlines for the 180/3.4 - no problem at
all ;-).
I further added a picture of the removed light
baffle attached to the R-bayonet given the current controversy on the net."

Peter from Switzerland

It is possible to keep the tube light baffle on the new model of the Leitax mount, released on January 23th, 2012
Rinze "thanks soooo much for making it possible to use leica glass on my nikon!

it works amazing! i use 2 leica m8's and the give a very similar feel to this now

i cant wait to try the 80mm 1.4 soon also"

Rinze from
the United States
APO-400 Hi David,

The package arrived today and I installed it not too much later.  It took less than 10 mins to do it.

Eric from the
United States

Eric Tam

Sam Hi,
Here are the pictures of the 2 lenses
Leica 180/2,8 Apo Rom & Leica 100/2,8 Apo
Both on a Nikon D100 work great !!

Sam from the
United States


Many thanks for the fine adapter.  It took a few minutes preparing the Telyt for the conversion and it worked perfectly the first time.  Now I can shoot my grand old Leica lens on my new D3X. This is a perfect lite weight long lens combo.

Best wishes,
Samples from this lens

NEW!  I have now a special bayonet for this lens, no surgery needed
Leica Nikon Dear David,

I would like to have very positive feedback to your product. I have

compared some available in my city. Yours one is the best in terms of
workmanship and precision.

Thank you very much for your kind advice.

Ling Tim.
from Hong Kong
Bonjour David
"J'ai bien reçu la baïonnette et grace à vos conseils j'ai réalisé le montage très facilement,
Je suis très satisfait de l'aspect, la précision et la finition de l'objet."

Pierre from France

And take a look at his first samples with this combo.
Stephen "Hi David:

Thank you so much for this mount. It took only a few minutes to get
the mounts changed, and it works flawlessly. I have ordered more!"

Stephen from Singapore
Hello David,
I fitted in very few minutes (excellent instructions on your site) the Leitax converter on my two lenses Elmarit 135/2,8  and Super Angulon 21/4,
as seen in photos, for use with the Nikon D700.
Simply wonderful result, thank you very much, the adapter is really well done and accurate.
I hope to get soon a 50mm.......
Luciano from Italy

"Hi David,

The first conversion mount for the Nikon arrived today. It took me longer to gather my tools than to change the mount. Probably took less than 5 minutes. Wonderful quality! Thank you very much".

Hansen from Hawaii
"Hello David,

I have received the bayonets and I have installed them on my two lenses. One
on my Elmarit 35mm R cams, following your procedure for the Summicron 50 R
cams. The other I installed on my Summicron 50 ROM following your
instructions for the Summicron 80 ROM. Both work fine.

Thank you for a fine product."

Rene from Canada

d200 "David, the bayonet has arrived today - changing it on the Apo-Telyt
was much easier than expected".

Dieter from
the United States


That was easy. Thank you so much for your help and your exceptional service.

The lens is working perfectly as suspected and I cant wait to try it on the D-700. Just for grins I checked it with an old Nikon FE to make sure the clearance was ok. And it is fine! SUPER WIDE!"

Eric from the United States

Here are the photos of the 21-35 zoom on a D700 body.

I also showed the zoom settings that work. At 21mm, the rear element 
extends too far into body and the mirror will hit it causing 1/2 the 
frame not to be exposed. At about 22-23mm, the rear element will not 
extend too far, and the mirror will clear it."

Robert from
the United States
"Dear David,

My three bayonets arrived yesterday - thank you very much.
Here is the 19 Elmarit after changing the bayonet.
It is the same procedure as the 21mm Super Angulon.

And here are my three lenses - ready to go!!

Howard from Canada

pictures gallery  from these three Leica lenses and D700
"Hi David

I have just installed the ring on my summilux 80 f1,4 and it is perfect.
very easy to install and realized well. Really excellent.
I send you the photos, a lot of graces also for your availability."

Alessio from Italy.

Alain Alain from France sent a picture of the Summicron 90/2 on his D300 and also a nice present for us all:

"Have a look there, the 37 first slides are made with the couple D300 +  R90/2, untill the Ferrari red + white"


Alain2 Now Alain is showing us his new lens:

" I ordered yesterday a fourth adaptor ring for Nikon.
The reason is a new PC Super-Angulon 28 mm/2,8.
This lens is wonderful on the D700"
Hi David.... well, success !!   I just put the ball in & screwed the Nikon bayonet in, and all seems good...focus is perfect to infinity
 and the aperture ring is perfect too.
So thank you again for your quick replies to my emails, I really appreciate it, and thanks on behalf of all us 
Leica-R lens owners who can now use the terrific Nikon 
bodies with these fabulous lenses, thanks to your 
ingenuity...brilliant !

Mark from Australia

F6 "The product is well made, a nice touch for an extra ball just in a case you loose
a ball. Very Happy Very Happy The procedure to replace the mount base is well documented and
pretty easy for anyone.
Infinity focus is no problem, mount the lens to Dxxx is just as easy as for any other
Nikon lenses. The important part is that the whole process is completely reversible"

Koji from Canada
Dear David,

I received the ring and I have converted my 35mm f/2.8 Elmarit to fit 
the Nikon.

Pieter from
the Netherlands
"Hello David,

Yesterday I received a parcel you had sent to me. Thank you for your 
wonderful bayonet and nice tools. I installed the bayonet to my 
Summicron-R 50mm (R-only) and attached the lens to an F3."

After the Summicron, our friend Masaya bougth a new Summilux 50/1.4 E60 current version lens.

"the mirror gets a trouble about the clearance to 
the rear element of the lens. This happened for both of D700 and F3.

The tip to solve this is to remove the black rubber shroud rounding  the rear element, it can be done in the completely reversible way

Masaya from Japan
Hi David,

Thanks so much for the excellent service in suppling my Nikon to Leica adaptor. It arrived  just 8 days after to was posted. Pretty good service by both the Spanish and Australian postal services.
Fitting was very straight forward. I fits my D90
perfectly and the results are exceptional.

Congratulation on your well made and
beautifully finished product.

Peter from Australia
Glade D3 "David,

Attached are a few shots of the lens on a D3.  You are free to use them, as you see fit."

Glade from the United States
Hello David,
Greetings!  I received your package containing the Nikon Mount Adapter for the Leica R Lenses yesterday.  I have followed the instruction for installation step by step well illustrated on your Leitax website.  There it is -- a big success!!

The Leitax Leica R - Nikon F mount bayonets have been easily attached to my favorite Leica R Summicron 50 mm lens and Leica R Elmarit 28 mm lens.  The well-illustrated installation guides you have on your web site are most helpful.  The Leica R 50mm lens is shown mounted on an extremely rare Nikkor F (German Export Model) chrome body.  The Leica R 28mm lens is shown mounted on a rare early Nikon F Photomic black body.  Once again, thanks, David, for your great services. 

Hiro from the United States
Hi David

Attached are some images of Leica lenses on Nikon body

Image Telyt 400_1 shown where the black metal flange was cut off from the lens mount. Yes - a drastic move, and a permanent change to the Leica lens. 

I am very pleased with your lens mounts, and the instructions shown on your website are easy to follow.

Steve from Canada

NEW!  I have now a special bayonet for this lens, no surgery needed
D40 Hi David,
the ring works perfectly with my Nikon D700 and D40.

Valerio from Italy

Valerio published an article in the Italian magazine Fotografia Reflex.
Florent Hello David,

I finally take some time to send your pictures of my 28/2.8 Elmarit R-Cam lens installed on my d300.

I’ll send you later a link to a gallery of pictures made with this lens which perform outstandly!

Florens from France
Hello David,
I have some pictures about Leica lenses on Nikon cameras with your bayonet. Please feel free to use the pictures on your website if you want. I am looking forward to use more and more Leica lens on Nikon cameras. Thanks for your effort.

Fai from Hong Kong
Hi David,
I've just received your parcel with the bayonets, surgery already done 
and this is the Summicron 35mm on my D700 for your collection.

Ario from Italy
Ivano "Thanks Leitax, will contact you soon for a new purchase"

Ivano from Italy
"Hello David,

Now I have mounted my Leica Lenses on my Fuji S5 Pro (Leitz
Macro-Elmarit-R 1:2,8 / 60mm -- Leitz Summilux-R 1:1,4 / 80mm -- Leica
APO-Elmarit-R 1:2,8 / 180mm).

They are performing very well on the Fuji."

Josef from Germany

Eric "Dear David:

It is working great and I was able to get great pictures. I am sending you some test samples taken with my D300 this afternoon. Great sharpness of the Leica lens visible on the texture shots I took.

Thank you again David for sticking with me. You provide a great product and certainly an outstanding service."

Eric from Ukraine

Eric sent us the first samples with this lens
on his D300.

"Hello David,

I have mounted my Elmarit 28 mm
later my Elmar 100 mm, everything is working very well. I have just now ordered another Leitax / Nikon mount."

Christian from Berlin

"Hi David,
After a few long busy month, I finally have time to look into this, and I never know it is really that easy, took me just 10 minutes to do the job. If I had know it earlier, I would have done it already."

Elson from China
"Hallo David,
the bayonet has arrived and the conversion was successful."

Johann from Germany

"Dear David,

Here is the photo with Leica Macro 60mm on Nikon D700."

Lam from Honk Kong

"Dear David
I success install summilux 50mm f/1.4 bayonet on my D700
its no need to do filing on the bayonet ,but only can screw 5 holes
its work perfectly on my camera"

KC from Malaysia
"Hi David,

Here are some pictures of my D700 with the converted 
Leitz/Leica lenses.
Please feel free, to use this pictures on your web site."

Dieter from Germany
Hi David.

Received the kit :)
Here is a quick shot that I took this afternoon

Andree from Indonesia

Hello David.

It took me about 5min to convert my Macro Elmarit 100mm. I'm so happy.

Thanks again.

Massimiliano from Italy

Hello David,

I thought you'll like to know that today I've received the parcel you sent me. I thank you to send to me the lenses already converted

Here is the APO-Extender-R 2x 

with rear only Leitax conversion (using the APO 90/2 special bayonet having two cutouts to fit the levers) on a Nikon FA, posed with the as yet unconverted Leica APO 90/2 ASPH lens.

James from the
United States
Thanks for providing the leica-nikon adapter.
Focusing on the D700 is fine, the viewfinder is pretty clear,
that is a big plus, the focus confirmation helps.

Jan from Nederland
Kevin Your website is very useful, very clear steps to follow.  I just spend 5mins to change the mount.
I am so happy with Nikon body and Leica lenses.

Kevin from Hong Kong
Stuart Thank you again for doing this service! It is great for those of us who have tons of Leica glass, but no way to shoot it on a digital body.

Stuart from Iceland
Peter Hello David,

Please find attached an image of my D700 and Leica 90 APO-Summicron mounted on it. As I said, the conversion works flawlessly and the lense delivers amazing image quality on Nikon full frame. Thank you very much, I will definitely order more!

Peter from Germany
S3 Item arrived, ten minutes and now my Fuji S3 (and Nikon, too)
can shoot with a Summicron 50.

It fits and works perfecltly  .

Many thanks, I send you a  myself picture in a mirror,
so you can see the Leitz bokeh on a Fuji sensor.

Francesco from Italy

c Hola David!

Gracias por todo, la verdad que el adaptador es de una construcción
prácticamente no tiene diferencia con la montura original de Leitz. Impresionante la diferencia de contraste y nitidez en todo el cuadro del Summicron, a diferencia del nikkor 50 af.

Mariano from Argentina
casper Hello David,

Yes the parcel came in today and I wasted no time doing the conversion. So happy to have the Leitz glass back again. Thanks for manufacturing this magnificent solution (and the extra click stops) !

Zeer bedankt !

Casper from the Nederlands

Hello David,

Bayonet was received and installed successfully on my Leica Elmarit-R 90/2.8. Installation procedure  for first time take about 10 minutes without any problem.
I got a lot of joy from my first tests.
Thanks a lot for easy way to extend available lenses set for my Nikon and my FujiFilm.

Harry from Russia
Hello David,

meanwhile I had the time to convert the bajonet (easy done) and to do some test shots with my "new" Leica-Nikon lenses - the results were very impressive! 

Matthias from Germany
Bonjour David,

voici l'attelage...c'est beau et cela fonctionne comme je l'attendais
j'ai du regarder sur le 50mm puisque mon 80 n'est pas ROM
avec les deux démonstration on y arrive facilement

Bravo et merci

André from France
1 Dear David,

I've just received the baionet today, installed it on my  apo Elmarit  100
and tried the lens on my D300.

Easy to do, and ... it works !
The quality of the lens seems perfect.

Thank you again !

Georges from France
pascal Dear David,

I received the ring and I have converted my 400 f/5.6 Telyt to fit 
the Nikon.

Kinds Regards,

Pascal from France
1 So very easy to do, as you said.

Testing it gives excellent results, including focussing correctly at 
infinity. The fact that the D300 has a Katz Eye focussing screen makes it very easy to use with a f/2.8 lens.

Bill from UK

1 Hello David,

Received 2 days before. I attached to ELMAR-R 1:2.8/28.
It works perfectly with Nikon D-5000

Ishidoshiro from Japan
conversion finished, everything perfect.
My lenses are a 50 f2 summicron-R rom, 35 f2.8 Elmarit R and Super Angulon 21 f4

Anyway the conversion was easy!
Edoardo from Italy
1 Hola David,

today I have mounted the ring on my lens and it works perfectly!!!

Regards Hubert
from Germany
1 Thanks for a great service, I have 2 more Leica lenses I may get adaptors for soon!

Thanks again
Paul from Sweden

I received it today, I installed it into Leica R lens. It works well.
Thank you very much and your cooperation.
Larry from USA
1 I just finished changing the Leitax Nikon bayonet to the Leitz 28mm lens,
it's works perfectly with my D300 camera, thanks for your bayonet,
now I'm very happy & never though the Leitz lens can be mount to Nikon body.

I also attached the photo.

HC from  Malaysia

Ciao David
le baionette sono arrivate e le ho montate sui miei obiettivi Leica con successo, tutto funziona perfettamente.
Ti ringrazio e ti allego la foto della mia D90 con l'Elmarit 90.
Giuseppe (Italia)
Hi David!

I've received the adapters and mounted in about 5 minutes...
Everything is all right and the image quality is stunning!
You can find a couple of pictures attached: 90 apo-summicron and 1.4 apo-extender with 4/280 apo-telyt.

Thanks a lot!
Francesco from Italy
I am happy to send you pictures after modification (of the bellow) and mounting the LEITAX bayonets on my lenses and accessories. Modifications and mounting occured without difficulties.
All accessories and lenses gave very good results. 
Thank to the LEITAX bayonets, it is a great pleasure for me to continue the use of the fantastic LEICA lenses on my NIKON cameras.

François from France
Hi David,

Yes, this lens is a good lens but only performs well after changing to your bayonet. BTW, your bayonet is very good ones, I compare your bayonet with what I bought in HK, yours is better, in the mean time, I could not find any local ones is better than HK’s. So, my selection onto your goods is correct.

I have to say that all of your bayonets, tools and grease are great useful, thank you.

James from China
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