This is the Vario-Elmarit 28-90/2.8 ASPH.
A great lens made by Leica .

This is the rear side

The black shroud square window would hit the mirror of a full frame 5D (mk1, 2 or 3) Canon camera.
So we have to remove it, it is attached with three screws, 1...


...and 3

I use to put the lens in horizontal position when the small screw is going to release, so it will not fall inside the lens but on the table.

Pushing up with the finger this way it will go out.

Now, this is delicate operation, take the shroud with two fingers...

...and put the third finger on top of that hole with the spring hook, so it will not escape.

Now, holding the upper side of the spring you can move it all and make the second hook go out of its hole.

Done, now put the spring on the table.
Since the upper square part of the shroud would hit the 5D camera mirror, I had to make one without that part.
Now we are going to put it on the lens instead the original one.
Holding the spring as before, we make the inferior side hook go on its hole.
And now make the spring lean on the guide canal carved on the shroud while going to the correct position.
This is the correct position.
Now just use again the three small black screws.
Ready, we can install the Leitax mount.
For this lens we will use the four shorter screws positions.
Here you can see the positions.
And we can  install the Leitax mount for Canon with the provided longer screws (this lens uses the thinner ones).

Now this lens can be used on 5D cameras without hitting the mirror.

(please note that, in this picture, the lens was rotated 180 degrees to show better the Leitax brand printing)
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