I made this accessory for a client who preferred to have the Vario-Elmar 80-200  focused at infinity when the focusing ring hits the hard stop, like many other Leica-R lenses.

Many of the long focal Leica-R lenses don't have the hard stop of the focusing ring at the exact  infinity position, but beyond it. To compensate for temperature variations.

Look at the position of the white dot.

So I didn't want to permanently modify this lens to have the hard stop at the infinity position.

Instead, I made this clip on my 3D printer.

This plastic clip is easy to put and remove and won't mark the anodized black finish of the lens.

It is made a bit too thick to make sure it will work on all lenses.

Now the position of the white dot is a bit before infinity.

So you have to sand paper it to find the correct thickness for your lens.

I remove the plastic dust with a brush and alcohol.

Try little by little until  you find the correct thickness.
This is the correct infinity position for this copy of the Vario-Elmar 80-200.

Any question ?:

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