Instructions for the Samyang-Nikon to Canon mount

This is the Samyang 85/1.5 specially made for cinema cameras with Nikon F mount.

You can see that in order to make the work of the cinema camera operator easier, the lens distance and diaphragm  scales were put on the left side of the lens. 

The position of the mount screws is different than the one on Nikkor lenses, so I made a special intermediate ring for them.

To install the Leitax mount, first you have to remove the screws of the lens mount.

Put the Leitax intermediate ring on top of the lens mount, so  that it coincides the red dots.

Now screw this ring using the longer
screws provided together with the Leitax mount....

...and put the Leitax mount on top of the ring. The Leitax name should go over the red dot position.

 You can fasten the Leitax mount w
ith the six small screws also included.

Ready, now this lens is solidly attached to a camera with Canon mount.

In case you want to have this lens with the scale at the upright position, just put the ring with its red dot on the top of the lens mount groove.

The Leitax name of the mount also goes in this position .

Now this lens scale becomes at the upright position, better suited to take still pictures.

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