Rokkor 58/1.2

This is the impressive Rokkor 58/1.2, a really magnificient lens.

We made a Canon mount for it, for a simple and with no damage conversion.

Just remove the screw closest to the diamont that marks the lens scale center.


And also the other three that form a cross with the first one, as you can see at the picture.

Please don't touch the other four screws, as they are keeping two pieces of the mount together.

Now just lift the Minolta bayonet....

Be carefull, and keep the aperture ring with the other hand, so it will not jump together with the mount.

...and put the Leitax one in its place.

Note both red dots are very close, this is the correct position.

Now just screw the Leitax bayonet using the four original screws.

Ready, our Canon cameras can use the extraordinary Rokkor 58/1.2 lens.
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