QBM lenses for Canon instructions

This is a QBM mount lens made by Rollei, the Leitax mount will work for other brand lenses with this same mount.

First, remove the original screws.
I use the flat screwdriver on sale in my site

Screws off

Now lift this part of the mount, but keeping the auto-aperture pin down.
This is important, don't allow the pin to go up together with the ring.

Pay attention to the internal side of the Leitax mount, there is
a small indentation that has to coincide with the lens pin.

With the indentation on the pin, the three holes of the Leitax mount will coincide with the ones of the lens
Now we can use the original screws of this lens to install the Leitax mount.

And we can use the QBM lens with our Canon camera
Any questions?, please write to info@leitax.com
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