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You can check whether your lens is AE or MM:
The AE type lenses have all the numbers at the aperture ring in white color.
The MM type lenses have the closest F-stop number at the aperture ring in green color.

Contax Lens TypeLeitax mount variant
15mm F3.5 Distagon AEAEG
16mm F2.8 Distagon-F (Fisheye)AEAEG
18mm F4.0 DistagonAEAEG
18mm F4.0 DistagonMMNarrow
21mm F2.8 DistagonMMNarrow
25mm F2.8 Distagon AEAEG
25mm F2.8 Distagon MMNarrow
28mm F2.0 DistagonAEAEG
28mm F2.0 DistagonMMNarrow
28mm F2.8 DistagonAEAEG
28mm F2.8 DistagonMMNarrow
35mm F1.4 DistagonAEAEG
35mm F1.4 DistagonMMWide
35mm F2.8 DistagonAEAEG
35mm F2.8 DistagonMMNarrow
35mm F2.8 Distagon PCNo compatible
45mm F2.8 Tessar AnniversaryNo compatible
45mm F2.8 Tessar MMSpecial Leitax mount for this lens model only
50mm F1.4 Planar AEAEG
50mm F1.4 Planar MMNarrow
50mm F1.7 PlanarAESpecial for 3 AEJ lenses
50mm F1.7 PlanarMMNarrow
55mm F1.2 Planar AnniversaryMMWide
60mm F2.8 Makro Planar-S(1:1 Macro)AEWide
60mm F2.8 Makro Planar-C(1:2 Macro)MMNarrow
85mm F1.2 Planar Anniversary MMWide
85mm F1.4 PlanarAEAEG
85mm F1.4 PlanarMMWide
85mm F2.8 SonnarAE (Germany)AEG
85mm F2.8 SonnarAE (Japan)Special for 3 AEJ lenses
85mm F2.8 SonnarMMNarrow
100mm F2.0 PlanarAEWide
100mm F2.0 PlanarMMWide
100mm F2.8 Planar-Makro AESpecial for 3 lenses
100mm F4.0 Planar-Makro (1:1 Macro, Bellows)??
100mm F3.5 SonnarAESpecial for 3 AEJ lenses
100mm F3.5 SonnarMMNarrow
135mm F2.0 PlanarAEWide
135mm F2.0 PlanarMMWide
135mm F2.0 Planar AnniversaryMMWide
135mm F2.8 Sonnar AEAEG
135mm F2.8 Sonnar MMNarrow
135mm F3.5 Sonnar??
180mm F2.8 Sonnar AEWide
180mm F2.8 Sonnar MMWide
200mm F2.0 APO-SonnarMMSpecial for 3 lenses
200mm F3.5 Tele-TessarAEAEG
200mm F4.0 Tele-TessarMMNarrow
200mm F4.0 Tele-TessarAESpecial for 3 lenses
300mm F2.8 Tele ApotessarAEPossibly the special for 3 lenses
300mm F4.0 Tele-TessarAEWide
300mm F4.0 Tele-TessarMMWide
28-70mm F3.5-F4.5 Vario SonnarMMNarrow
28-85mm F3.3-F4.0 Vario SonnarMMNarrow
35-70mm F3.4 Vario SonnarMMNarrow
35-135mm F3.3-F4.5 Vario SonnarMMNarrow
40-80mm F3.5 Vario SonnarAEAEG
70-210mm F3.5 Vario SonnarAEAEG
80-200mm F4 Vario Sonnar MMNarrow
100-300mm F4.5-F5.6 Vario SonnarMMSpecial for 3 lenses
500mm F4.5 MirotarNo compatible
500mm F8.0 MirotarNo compatible
1000mm F5.6 MirotarNo compatible
Mutar II and III
Special for 3 lenses