elmarit 35 1 cam

This is the Elmarit 35mm 1 cam, it comes directly from the beginning of t
he Leica R System

This classic lens pictures were sent to me by a good client.

With more of 40 years it still looks as new!

1 cam

With this model, you have to remove first the dust shroud and then the bayonet.
( check any other lens instructions for this)

And the first surprise appears, the only cam it has cannot be removed like all the more modern lenses we tried before.
We thought the bayonet would not fit, but still it is possible to put the bayonet grazing the cam as you can see at the picture.
bayonert ready

I think it is best to remove the black mate paint from the zone were the cam is going to graze the bayonet, so we will avoid paint particles inside the lens.

To learn how to install the bayonet, please take a look at any other lens instructions.

Ellmarit on K10D
The current standard Leitax mount cannot be used on 1-cam lenses, now we have a special model for 1-cam Leica-R lenses.

And here we have the result. After more than 40 years, The Elmarit finds new life in the digital times with Pentax.

Our gratitude to our client and friend Josep Maria
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