I would like to express my gratitude to all the clients who sent me their feedback within the short period of time the Canon mounts have been in the market, thanks specially to those who found a moment to take a picture of their camera and sent it to me.


Hi David,

The adaptors arrived yesterday and I mounted them immedialy on two Leica-R-Lenses: 2,8/28 and 2,8/60 Macro. The mounting process was very easy I need about 5 minutes to fix them.

Ferdinand from Germany

Dear David,
All received in good condition.  Nice craftmanship

Yiu-Ming from
Hong Kong
Hello David,

I just wanted to let you know that the Leitax adapters arrived.... I got them installed on my lenses, and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!

They are beautifully made, fit perfectly, and No More Wobble with my Leica lenses on my Canon 5D Mk II.

Thanks for a terrific product!

ViewPoint Productions

I've attached a photo with your Leica R to Canon mount on a Red Epic.

It works great on a Red Epic and is rock solid!


Greg from the
United States

Dear David,

Thank you very much for a job well done. all my lenses fitted very well.


Hi David,

The adapter just arrived. I've followed your online instructions and
had no problems with the conversion.
I'm happy to say I can reach infinity focus with my Summicron-R 35mm
now :D I can recommend your adapters to everyone without a doubt.

from Portugal
Leica on Canon
Hello David,

The conversion was really simple. I followed the instructions on your website and it took no more than a few minutes to convert my two lenses.
The mounts feels really solid and stable, just like an original EOS bayonet.

Jürgen from Sweden

Elmarit on Canon
Hi David , the two adaptor rings arrived this afternoon thank you.
They are very well made right down to the actually perfectly applied black inside.

Manfred from Australia
Leica Canon mountHi David,
I'm already a satisfied customer of you and your Canon Mounts. 
Your Mount is the fourth i have tried so far, HappyHK, Fotodiox, Novoflex are the others. And i can say your adapter is simply the best! But i thing you know that already :)
The system to screw the adapter directly on the lens is how it should be!  Fantastic!

Andreas from Austria
Hola David,

Converted succesfull 2 lenses :
- extender-R 2x , tested with Telyt-R 250f4
-Vario-Elmar R 70-210 f4
Works fine with my Canon EOS 40D
Plan to order more !

Jan from Belgium
Hi David - I received your adapter very quickly.
In any event, I am very impressed by the quality of your adapter. I don't think it will ever break.
I have recently bought 3 more Leica primes and I will be placing another order from you very soon.

Eric from Canada
Hello David,

Here it is -- my Leica Vario Elmar 35-70/4 mated to the Canon EOS 3. Thanks to Leitax, I've got my Leica camera on the cheap in way. Canon EOS 3 costs a lot less than Leica R5, R6, R7, & R8 in the secondary market. Since my lens has been outfitted with ETTL AF confirmation chip, my Canon EOS 3 outfit is a lot more versatile than its Leica counterpart.

Joshua from the Philippines

Hello David,

the adaptors look very nice and one of them I mounted to the 2,8/19 first version. I used all 6 screws and that was no problem.
The R-Bajonet stays in place after removing the Leica screws.
Here is the lens mounted on a analog 30V Date (need the 1000D to take the pictures).

best regards
Juergen from Germany
Hi David,

the adaptor is great!

Here's a photo of my Leica 50mm 2.0 with the Leitax adaptor on my 5D Mkii.
(I'll try to take a better photo when
I get a chance)


Will from London
I got the Leitax adapters today. Attached is a picture of a newly-Leitaxed Telyt 560/6.8 (which actually gives two lens conversions in one, since a Telyt 400/6.8 head can also be used on the same rear tube). I'm very happy with the quality


Michael from the USA

Hello David,

Looks good doesn't it. Hope to order another soon.  Thanks,

Jim  from the USA


Acabo de hacer mas fotillas con el objetivo, montante y camara.

A ver si te sirven,

Un abrazo,

Greg from the USA
Hi David:
After mounting,I find it seems to be produced by the cooperation of Leica and Canon.It is solid and stable.Now,I'm very happy that I can reach the infinity focus with my R lens.
The only word to describe your Canon-EOS mount is perfection.

Thanks again!

Xiehongming  from China

Hola, David
La bayoneta ha llegado esta mañana.
Ha sido muy sencillo de montar sobre el Summicron 50, siguiendo las instrucciones de tu página.
El acoplamiento con el cuerpo es perfecto y muy suave. Estoy encantado, el resultado parece muy prometedor.

Gracias por todo.
Marc from Spain
Here is picture with the adapter in it. It's is so awesome, thanks.

Josemaria from the USA
Many thanks David

It arrived today and took 2 mins to fit to an R bellows - looks superbly made, camera fits snugly -very good.
A little bit rushed but here's a photo of my Canon 5D2 on the R bellows using your conversion bayonet

Many thanks

Paul from the UK

Hello David,
Last Friday I (with help from a mechanical engineer friend) converted my Canon FD Auto Bellows to EOS using your Mount.
After removing the unnecessary FD mount parts your mount fits nicely, with only about 1mm axial play.
We decided to turn a thin ring to fit between the original stub and your mount to get rid of this play, and to guarantee axial centering.
With the new mount it is still possible to rotate the mount+camera for vertical shots.
Unfortunately the short screws you provided after our e-mail exchange proved to be too short to give a secure bond, as the FD mount is made of rather soft Aluminum.
In the end I used the original Leica screws I had from my other “Leitaxed” lenses. Let’s just hope that I don’t have to reconvert these lenses to original status in the future!
As per your request I made some pictures of the converted bellows. I also made a photo of my other “Leitaxed” lenses. 
The old lens you see on the bellows is an antique Meteor “Casket Lens Set”. Probably made by Rodenstock around 1880-1900.It belongs to a wooden Camera which is in the family since around 1930.
I made an adapter to be able to use it on my Bellows, and explore its old-school imaging on a modern DSLR. It may well be the oldest “Leitaxed” lens!
Photo’s made with Leica Macro-Elmarit 60mm on Canon 20D. Except the one on which the Macro-Elmarit is shown of course…
These photo’s remain my property, but I give you the right to use them on your website and other promotional uses.
I already knew that your bayonet is the best way to use Leica lenses on my EOS camera’s.
Now your EOS bayonet has also proven to be also a very satisfactory way to use my Canon FD Auto Bellows on EOS camera’s. Without the annoying extra play and unwanted extension  of the FD-EOS adapter solutions. Thanks again!
With kind regards,
Gertjan from 
The Netherlands

As requested, here's a Leica Summicron 2/50 attached to a Canon 7D with your adaptor.

Perfect fit, easy to fix and great!  Thanks

Roland from  the
United Kingdom

I'm using my Canon 5D as film-camera so no stills for me. As I'm basically a photographer I want to use lenses I know from the early (analog) days. And now I got the change to use my favorite lens collection on my DSLR. Finally Leica Glass mounted on my Canon 5D. I've used a Novoflex adapter for a few months but that feels like driving in a Ferrari and using big race tires mounted on plastic rims. I mean the Novoflex was the weakest chain in the whole set-up, sure their adapter is know as one of the best adapters but it still dissapointed me. Now I've mounted the Leitax adapters and that's solid! and the good old Leica glass deserves it! 

Eric from the Netherlands

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