I would like to express my gratitude to all the clients who sent their feedback. Thanks specially to those who found a moment to take a picture of their camera and sent it to me.


Hi David,

The mount arrived yesterday. Its amazing! best I've ever used.

Have used it on my Canon 5D mkII and also have tested it on the Canon c300 Video camera and the lens is very solid on the mount.

Joe from New Zealand

Hi David,

Adapter arrived today safely.

Installation was easy, took about 4 minutes. Craftmanship is very good. I
tried earlier some Chinese
adapter that didn't even work - but this one rocks!

Leitaxed Nikkor 105mm f2.5 works great on 5D2 when using aperture priority
I recommend Leitax adapter to every vintage lens enthusiast!

Kind regards,
Jussi from Finland

Hallo David,

Enclosed two photos of the 5D MK II with the Zeiss 100/2. 
You can clearly see the shift of the marking on the lens. I hope this helps.
I'll send better photos of my lenses with your adapter soon! 

Andreas from Germany

Hi David,

Got the longer screws.  Installed the mount.  Very Strong and works extremely well.  The zoom holds focus all the way now.  I think the problem with the cheap mount I was using was I could see the way this old mount was made, it did not hold the lens perfectly flat to the Canon camera.  Because my 24 to 70 F. 2.8 lens is so heavy the adaptor would bend slightly from the top not holding the lens flat to the Canon mount.  Your mount is so strong that the lens locks perfectly flush to the camera mount and now hold focus through the entire range of the zoom. I love your mount and I love your city, Barcelona.  Visited there may times.

Ralph from the United States

Hi David,

Just got my declicked lens today from Duclos and put on your mount. Fits perfectly and securely! And I did not need the long screws for the Zeiss 15mm f/2.8.

I will definitely be ordering and recommending your product in the future.

Richard from the United States

Thank you David,
Your Leitax mounts work perfectly on the Zeiss ZF's and the Nikkors. Beautifully machined and finished.

Thank you again David,
Peter at RP Lens.com
from  the United States

Hello David

I received your Canon mount for Nikon lenses in good order.

The mount has meanwhile been fitted on a AF-S Nikkor 17-37 mm 1:2,8D 
ED lens.
I find the Leitax mounts worth every cent. Great quality, rock solid 
fit. I have been using five Leitaxed Leica lenses on my 5D for two 
years without probems and no sign of wear. Now I've added this Nikkor.

Keep up the good work!

With kind regards

Rob from the Netherlands


Your parts are great and excellent in quality.

Warm regards,

Michael from
the United States

Hello David,

The conversion ring from Nikon to Canon is a great deal. No comparison at all with the chinese adapter sold on Ebay. My heavy Nikon ED AI-S 300mm 2.8 sits perfectly without any play on my Canon 5D MK2.
By the way, the conversion took 5 minutes, no more, once I had carefully read your instructions. Too easy. 

Thanks for making such good products. 

All the best

Roger from  France

Hi David,

Thanks very much. Easy to install and great results. Rock solid mount, and I now have infinity on the 18mm! Much better results than the other adaptors.

Here is a picture of it on my Red Scarlet with Canon Mount.

Please feel free to use it with a link to my website: www.ruff.co.nz


Ben from New Zealand

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