This is the Distagon 25/2.8 AEG lens.

The G letter means made in Germany.

These lenses have no screws at the base of the mount, but three screws at the top.

You can see only two screws, the third one is located under that curved piece.

Other AEG lenses with a wider mount diameter are also compatible with our mount.

This piece is secured by two smaller screws.

We have to remove this piece .

And save it.

Now, we can remove the three screws of the mount.

on tableIn some units, the screws could be cemented, It is important to apply a lot of
pressure on the screw so that it will not get damaged.

I put the lens flat on the table to apply more force

And remove this flange.

Save also these pieces.
Now we can install the Leitax mount on top of the original one.

The red dot of the Leitax mount roughly coincides with the one of  the original mount.
And attach it using the provided screws.

Ready, now we can use the Zeiss Contax lenses of the AEG type .

Our Leitax bayonet  is compatible with all these lenses without screws at the base of the mount, regardless the lens mount diameter, narrow or wide.
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