Check here the correct Leitax mount model
                                   We sell Leitax mounts to use Contax lenses on Canon cameras 

Welcome to Leitax, this is our Zeiss-Contax for Canon EOS page. After several requests from our clients, we decided to design these mounts with the same features than our previous models.

Our clients asked me to solve the problems that the traditional adapters have. They asked for a rock-solid, screw-on mount solution, no matter the weight of the lens. Like all our conversions, this one is fully and easily reversible too.

I did another improvement over the normal adapters: ours is covering the shinny clear metal of the Contax mount with a flat black painted rim. No reflexions inside the camera means no flares.

Complains are mostly for the usual poor slot-spring solution to hold the Contax lenses against the adapter. This is not good because the tension of the mount is made by wedging a soft metal with a slot. The slot will deform but will not bounce back to shape. Over time the adapter will be loose fitting and the lens will tilt, specially heavier lenses. 

The Leitax mount will be screwed on top of the Contax original mount. This way, even the heaviest Contax lenses will be as solid in your Canon camera as any Canon lens. The screw-to-the-lens solution is much more solid and can be used on almost any Zeiss Contax lens.

Our mount is made in one piece and the mechanical precision is not compromised.

The Contax-Canon wide mount  and our new mount for AEG lenses will trigger the AF switch in 1D series bodies. In this case, The Canon 1D series (mk1 and mk2) need to install a chip on the Leitax bayonet to work at all. If you wish to use these cameras without a chip, let me know. I will make a special version for you.

The Contax-Canon narrow mount will not trigger the AF switch in 1D series bodies. This means that if we have a chip on the mount, it will not make any effect when using the 1D (mk1 and mk2) series bodies. It is possible to trigger that camera switch manually, to use this Leitax mount with a focus confirmation chip.

There is a convenient flat surface in our mount to glue an electronic chip if desired. This chip will enable the focus confirmation light in the viewfinder.

Your Canon camera can meter and adjust the correct exposure in A and M modes with adapted Contax lenses.

The Contax lenses will focus to infinity and will maintain the aperture click stops. 

Please scroll down for the sales list and for the instructions

Blackmagic Canon, no adapter
There are several Contax lenses that, even having screws at the base of the mount, our mount cannot be used on them because the screw positions are not coincident.

Contax Canon 85/1.2 Planar, no adapter
Distagon PC   35mm   F2.8
Mirotar  500mm   F8
Tessar AE   45mm   F2.8
Here a list of Contax lenses and the corresponding Leitax mount model..

--The Vario-Sonnars 28-85 F3,3-4,0 , the 80-200 F4 and 35-135 F3.3 lenses cannot use the screws we provide, but they can use their own longer original screws with the Leitax (narrow) mount.


- We are selling and installing the programmable Dandelion Chip on the Leitax mounts,  with it you get:
- Focus confirmation in your camera viewfinder.
- Fine calibration of focus confirmation dot.
- Correct focal length and max. aperture in Exif data.
- Programming instructions
- How to put the chip in program mode
- How to glue a chip on your mount.

 You can order the Contax-Canon bayonets here:
- The registered mail service is extremely slow these days. If you need the Leitax mounts fast or you have a deadline I'd recommend the
courier option.

Please check which model of Leitax mount your Contax lens will need:
Check here the correct Leitax mount model

Contax AEG lens on a Canon camera This is the AEG mount model,  a Canon bayonet for Contax lenses with Wide and Narrow diameter mount, but without screws at the base of the mount.

Included the necessary screws.

Contax AEG mount instructions

How to de-click the AEG mount
61 Euro
Contax-Canon mount, no adapter
This is the Wide mount model, a Canon bayonet  for Contax lenses with Wide diameter mount, with screws at the base of the mount. (MM and AE type)

Also included  four necessary screws, as the original ones are too short using this bayonet.

Contax wide mount instructions

61 Euro
Narrow Contax mount
This is the Narrow mount model, a Canon bayonet  for Contax lenses with Narrow Diameter mount. (only MM type)

Also included  four necessary screws, as the original ones are too short using this bayonet.

Contax narrow mount instructions

61 Euro
Contax 100-300mm mount This is the special mount for:

- Contax MM 100-300/4.5-5.6
- Contax AE Macro-100/2.8
- Contax Mutar II and III

Included longer screws for the Vario-Sonnar 100-300/4.5-5.6

For this model, please check the instructions for our Wide mount
61 Euro
Contax special AEJ This is the special mount for:

- Contax Planar 50/1.7 AEJ
- Contax Sonnar 85/2.8 AEJ
- Contax Sonnar 100/3.5 AEJ

Also included  four necessary screws.

Here the instructions for this mount.

61 Euro
Tessar-Canon  This is the special mount for:
 Contax Tessar 45/2.8 MMJ

Also included three necessary screws.
Pankake lens
61 Euro
This is the last version of the Dandelion chip for Canon.

- Exif data programmable.
- Focus confirm point adjustment.
- Programming instructions
- How to put the chip in program mode
- How to glue the chip.

19 Euro
You can have your Leitax mount with the Dandelion chip already glued on it.

This price includes a chip and installation on the Leitax mount of your choice.

24 Euro

You can have your Leitax mount with the latest Optix V7 chip already glued on it.

The price includes a chip and the installation on the Leitax mount of your choice.

- Programming instructions
Out of Stock
44 Euro
The Leitax template simulates the mirror movement of a 5D or 6D camera.
With it, you can check if your adapted lens will hit the mirror of your camera without any risk of damage.

Template instructions
25 Euro
This is the glue I use, it is strong and will not stick your fingers at once.  
7 Euro
Canon body cap This is our Canon-EF body cap. A Leitax Hermetic original design.

It is made in aluminum for maximum protection, and it has a greased rubber O-ring that will seal the camera from water splashes and dust.

Black color out of Stock
48 Euro
Canon cap You may need a generic Canon EOS rear lens cap.
3 Euro
Canon Body Cap Or a generic Canon EF body cap. 3 Euro
OP/Tech cap for Canon But, if you want the best, I can offer now the OP/TECH USA cap.

-It has a rubber O-Ring that seals the lens from dust and moisture.

-The O-ring also forms tight friction, it will avoid losing the cap.

-It covers the entire bayonet diameter, providing more protection against blows and scratches.
Out of Stock
9 Euro

I use this model for all the Phillips screws in the Leica and Zeiss lenses, it is industrial grade quality made by Irazola, and the design is very good, you can push and turn it firmly with the rotary end and the rubber finish.

9 Euro
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