I would like to express my gratitude to all the clients who sent their feedback. Thanks specially to those who found a moment to take a picture of their camera and sent it to me.


All arrived, thanks, these are awesome.

I have attached pictures of my camera with leitax adapters for
- distagon 4/18 (with my DIY-machined add-on to support filters since
this lens has no threads)

Thanks again!

Dheera from United States

here are some pictures of your mounts on my C300. thanks for making a great product!

Christopher from the
United States

Everything went on smoothly. They fit great and very snug.

David from the United States

Hi David! Wanted to give you a heads up about an article I wrote about
Contax lenses for film & video use. You can read it here:

I mentioned Leitax in-depth, and show some pictures of Leitaxed Contax lenses (Canon mount).

Thanks for putting out such a great product! I love Leitax.

-Matt fro the United States


All the supplied convertors fit properly and have correct infinity focus. I attach some pictures of the lenses fitted to the camera.

Bernard from Australia

Hi David,

Please find attached some shots of your excellent adapter for the Contax 35-70 f3.4 to a Canon 5D2, as requested.

It really is a brilliant adapter, many thanks, Matt Clark 

Hi David, today I receive adapters. Thank you very much.

In attachments are some photos from my last conversions.

Best regards

Daniel from Slovakia

Hi David, 

I have attached a picture of the lens mounted on the body. Thanks again for the adapter - it was easy to attach and achieves perfect infinity focus and is sharp across the entire frame. Now I can have the beautiful Zeiss bokeh of this lens in my Canon 5DII pictures. Very pleased!

All the best,
Ben from Australia

Hello David,

I've received the parcel yesterday.
They are finished very nice, and fit my lenses well.

These are the pictures of my 5D3 with 85/1.2 lens,
and I have ordered another one.

Kind Regards,

HIdekazu from Japan

Hello David,

The parcel arrived thursday. I have to admit that your products are very
well made!
Thanks to, no doubt, very narrow tolerances in the (NC) production, there
is absolutly no play between all the elements and the lens fits perfectly on my two canons (5D and 5DII) and feels rock-steady

Marc from Belgium

Dear David,

your Contax-Canon mount is exactly what I was looking for.

Conversion of my Zeiss 1,4/85 was a matter of minutes and
the resulting pictures are excellent.

Thanks a lot for the quick shipping and with
best regards,

Johannes from Switzerland
Hello David,

The quality of your converter is superb, well in keeping with Zeiss OEM standards, I'm very impressed.

Best Wishes

Steve from the
United Kingdom

David, received today.

It took 30 seconds to put the mount on and it couldnt fit any better.
Delighted with it.

Thanks again!

Jon from the
United Kingdom

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