This mount will work only on MM Contax lenses with narrow  mount.

This is the Distagon 35/2.8 MM lens, it uses the narrow mount.

To recognize a MM lens with narrow mount, check if it has this square plastic

Unscrew the four screws at the mount base.

on tableIn some units, the screws could be cemented, It is important to apply a lot of
pressure on the screw so that it will not get damaged.

I put the lens flat on the table to apply more force

And remove the screws.

Don't move the mount while it is not secured with screws.

Now, we have to put the Leitax mount on top of the Contax original one.

The narrow MM lenses plastic tab that has to coincide with the slot we machined on the Leitax mount.

And use the provided screws in the four holes.

Tighten the screws in cross pattern and a bit one after one.

Unfortunately, these lenses have one of the screws that coincide with the Canon's mount stop screw.

The screwdriver is not working perfectly, but still you can tighten it quite well.

Ready, we can use our Contax lens in our Canon camera.

The lens will as solid in your camera as any Canon lens.
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