These instructions are here thanks to our client and friend Vaughn, who send us his Contax Tessar 45/2.8  to make it work on Pentax cameras. logo

This is the Carl Zeiss Tessar 45/2.8 MM type.

First, unscrew the rear mount, please note the 22 number of green color, this shows it is a MM type lens.

This is the aperture lever.

We have to "open" the bayonet like a door around this lever.

Bayonet out

Now look at the small bearing ball

Let's put a bit of grease on it

Install the new Leitax mount, the red dot goes near the lens scale center

And screw it

Ready, we can use this excellent lens on Pentax cameras.
Of course, it will focus to infinity.

It is really thin, a real pancake lens from Zeiss.
This bayonet will be made upon request, please write to
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