Thanks to our client and friend Jose Luis, who lent this Alexa camera to shoot these instructions pictures. logo

This is the Arri Alexa cine camera.

This is the PL mount that comes with the camera.

First, unscrew the PL mount using a torx screwdriver.

This multiple sizes tool is very inconvenient, better use a normal T-10 size screwdriver

After the seven screws are loosen, we can pull the PL mount out.

The PL mount is removed.

This is the coupling ring for the Leitax Canon mount

Look at this slot...

...that goes here.

Just put the ring in the correct position...


And you can attach it using the provided screws


Now screw the Leitax mount to the coupling ring.

We are ready to install this Leica lens that has our Leitax Canon bayonet.

First, rotate
anti-clockwise the Leitax mount ring to prepare it to install the lens.

The two red dots have to coincide..

Similarly to a regular Canon mount, just push the lens inside and rotate it until the correct position.

And now screw the lens to the camera rotating the Leitax mount ring until it is strong enough.

We can use any lens with a Canon mount, this is my Contax 35/1.4

And have a Canon cap on hand too.

How To - Leitax EF to Arri Alexa PL Mount Replacement from Forrest Schultz on Vimeo.

Here our client and friend Forrest shows how to install (actually uninstall ) the Leitax mount on the Alexa Plus, which has a data cable going to the original PL mount.
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