Thanks to our client and friend Ilias for allowing me to use his camera for these instructions.

This is the Arri Alexa Mini cine camera.

And these are the two pieces of the Leitax coupling ring for the Alexa Mini.

First, unscrew the PL mount using an Allen tool.

After the four screws are loosen, we can pull the PL mount out.

The coupling ring can be installed now on the camera...

But perhaps it is more convenient to screw the Leitax mount to the coupling ring on a table...

...and screw the ensemble on the camera.

The only problem of this approach is that you have to use the Allen tool with the ball ending, as the Leitax mount diameter doesn't allow to use it straigth.


Ready, you can use any manual Canon lens or converted to Canon lenses, like this Nikkor

Or the great Leica-R lenses.
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