These are the instructions for the new "Install it Yourself" seamless Leitax Cine Gear logo

For these instructions, I will use my APO-Summicron 90/2

It has installed my Leitax Canon mount for lenses that are already converted to Nikon with a Leitax mount.

Here you can see the Leitax Nikon mount under the Leitax Canon mount.

First, we have to know the exact circumference of this lens focus ring..
I think the best way is to use a paper tape that I did myself.

I've checked with a caliper and the measures are not reliable, mostly on rubber.

Here is my paper tape.

Wrap it around the focus ring.

Make sure it is evenly put around.

Now mark the circumference length.



To measure it, much better with this transparent ruler than these metallic ones like a rolled spring.

Make sure the Zero is at the beginning and the measure will be correct.
This focus ring makes 22.4 cm

Now you can order the Leitax  Cine Gear.
I need to know your measurement, the material of  the focus ring ( rubber or metal ) and, if you wish, I can engrave a text on the gear, maximum 6 letters or numbers.

You will receive one like this.

Check if it is better to put the gear from the rear or the front side of the lens.

Now just open a bit the gear to make it easy.

Place it evenly on the ring.

On the rear side of the gear, there is a bigger square hole, there goes the head of the provided Nylon cable tie.

So you have to insert the other side of the tie there.
And then pass it t the other side like in the picture.
And you can close the tie like this.
Pull until it is quite strong.
Still in time to check and correct if the gear is not evenly put around the ring.
Now you can pull very strongly  that tie end.
Pay attention to the position of my left hand holding the tie head with the thumb and the gear itself with the index finger.
This is the result, now the gear first and last teeth are at the correct distance like all the rest, a very little bigger distance will be ok too.
I find this way is safe to cut the excess of the cable tie without scratching the lens or killing myself.
Ready, the seamless cine gear is ready to work.
Here you can see that the gear of the focus puller passes the Leitax cine gear connexion point seamlessly.
For any question, please write to
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